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Returning to Portugal, his home country, after more than 20 years as an emigrant, mostly based in Switzerland, Manuel Almor Pinto da Rocha fulfills his long-desired dream of founding his own company.
Armed with a vast experience and countless tools, acquired throughout its international career, especially in the industrial piping sector, its objective was to embrace projects in this same sector, as well as in metallic structures.
In December 2006, the company Arytubo was founded, headquartered in Viana do Castelo, a city with a great tradition in the naval industry and where, consequently, the company took its first steps.
In the years that followed, the company faced a series of challenges, at all levels , which allowed it to grow and gain notoriety, which culminated in the achievement of market share, leveraged by the recognition of the work developed.
In order to prepare the company for future challenges, in 2018, we proceeded to a profound restructuring, which culminated in the founding of the Arygest Group, of which Arytubo is a subsidiary company.
Under the current administration, the Arygest Group continues its sustained growth in the areas of activity mentioned above, without neglecting exploration new areas of activity.


Message from Management

"We live in times of change, in which demands are ever greater. The adaptability of organizations plays a preponderant role in their sustainability. In this sense, the Arygest group focused on structuring its business and continuing training for its employees. The creation of strategic partnerships and the constant search for excellence, combined with a culture of cohesion, mutual assistance and demand among the members of our teams, has brought us to the current moment. However, we aim for more, always faithful to our principles and focused on the objectives outlined. We are the Arygest Group."